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A Good Introduction

“Ignorant, immature, disrespectful, lazy, obscene, all are words some people employ in describing the use of profanity. How can someone neglect a part of speech that helps people describe some of their most defining moments. How effective would Rhett Butler’s final reference to Scarlet O’ Hare in the big screen classic Gone With the Wind have been if Clark Gable had taken leave with these words “ Frankly, I don’t give a darn!” It loses a little of its dramatic punch, does it not? Clearly, profanity, or swearing as it is more commonly called, is a vital component of the English language because swearing conveys powerful emotions and emphasizes a wide variety of expressions. There are numerous misconceptions about swearing. First, that it is shows disrespect; second, that it is just lazy speech; and lastly, that it shows that the speaker has a limited, or minute vocabulary. These are all plausible assumptions on the surface, but they are quickly proven inaccurate upon deeper examination. In fact a well placed profane word can spice up a rather dull statement making it exciting, funny, or even dramatic. Most people do not simply use swearing to offend people. Swearing can be used when the speaker is happy, excited, or even disappointed. (John Langstaff. 2004.The Positive Aspects of Swearing)” The paper is attached(swearing).

I really like the introduction to this paper that my brother wrote when he was in high school because it drew the audience in and y presented his topic well. I got to reading through all of my brothers old papers and this one really stuck out to me. It uses great examples and it is very well written. I feel that it is a phenomenal introduction because it covers all of the aspects of a good introduction and it flows very well. It really grabs the reader’s attention. It makes me want to read the rest of the paper and half the battle is getting someone to actually read it.

First Day on the Job

There I stood in front of a long rectangular mirror staring at my extremely apprehensive, but determined reflection. I have woken and dressed in this same uniform hundreds of times before but this day is very different. As an EMT I held many important responsibilities, but this new set of roles that I was about to encounter would trump that.  Backboarding patients and performing assessments had become easy for me as an EMT. Now, as a paramedic, I would have to start IV’s, give medications and other advanced procedures. Before I was concerned with following what my paramedic partner instructed me to do, now I must pave my own road and it is my job to make those same life and death decisions. I was confident that I could fulfill the new responsibilities that becoming a paramedic would put forth on me, but some apprehension still lingered.  As I stepped in my car to begin the 15 minute drive to work, the sound of Eric Church on the radio momentarily made me forget about the impending responsibilities that were headed my way. As I pulled into the parking lot, the realization of the weight I was about to hold once again hit me. Nevertheless, I stepped out of my car and approached my workplace with the confidence that a year and a half worth of training had given me. At that point I realized that I was more than ready to tackle anything that came my way.

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