Self Confidence:Full Potential

Without self-confidence it is very hard to go anywhere in your life. Self confidence is the ability to believe in yourself and believe that you can accomplish your goals. It is a quality that you cannot go without and ties a lot into competitiveness. There will be things that test how much you believe in yourself, but you cannot let anything destroy your confidence. You could be the best basketball player in the world but without confidence you lose your edge and it is very hard to function at the highest level possible. You do not need to believe that you are the best that ever lived, you just need to believe in yourself and do the best you can.

Everyone strives to be the best but no one every looks forward to finishing in the middle of the pack. One deceiving quality about self confidence is that not everybody can be first. This thought that everyone can be first is destroying peoples psyche. Someone has to be last too. Some people are better at different things and may have the upper edge but the most important part is to do YOUR best. Your best is completely different than the guy or girl standing nest to you. He might be able to beat you up but on the other hand you would embarrass him in a math competition. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and you can even be confident about something that you are not good at as long as you do not have the notion of being the best. Just be the best that you can be and try your hardest.

Being competitive and doing your best can also be related to each other. One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that even though your not the best you can still be competitive and give it all you have. Some people tend to quit when things get difficult or when they are outmatched. A good way to think about it is that when you are outmatched you are going to get that much better by participating or competing. Competition shows a lot about someones character. It shows whether they are not confident and fold under pressure or whether they go for the jugular.

One thing that ties into self confidence is the ability to take constructive criticisms. Some people take huge blows to their confidence when they think they are doing something right but them are told they are doing something wrong. They take it as a personal attack on themselves or they just shut down. Their confidence is shattered. On the flip side of thing the ability to take instructions, admit when you are wrong, and roll with the punches is and invaluable attribute. These people that can take instructions and have confidence will thrive and be good at anything they do.They know that even if they aren’t good at something right when they pick it up for the first time that they have the confidence in themselves that they can accomplish anything. The truth is that some people get very narrow minded and decide beforehand that they cannot do something without giving themselves a fair shake. They are cheating themselves by not trying and believing.

In order to have confidence you need to think that you are going to succeed. If you go into a test expecting to fail than odds are that you are going to fail. If you go in prepared, confident and expecting to get an A than you will. You need to have the confidence in yourself to succeed. Self confidence is a very huge part of reaching ones full potential. Without self confidence it is very hard to accomplish anything.

    • Roz Weedman
    • December 12th, 2011

    Good topic. There’s a line somewhere between false confidence and the real deal — and as you note, part of real confidence is based on preparation and the ability to take constructive criticism to get better. I decided to take up making quilts when I’ve never done anything like that. But it seemed like something that can be learned and I have a sewing machine and I like quilts. So I made a small quilt for a 9 month old grandson. Even I can look at it and see: 1) I should have made some different choices in materials easier to work with; 2) I need to work toward those 1/4 inch seams quilters like because everything’s based on that and my seams are too fat; and 3) I need to be very precise in lining things up. I consulted my sister-in-law who is good at this and got more advice. Now I’m working on another one for the 2 year old and I expect to have improved (but certainly not perfected) this. It’s all a learning experience but at the same time an accomplishment. I have confidence the second one will be better. I know, in some kind of contest, I would not yet rise above the middle of the pack (but probably not really low either). There has to be some realism involved as you note.

    Confidence should track preparation. False confidence is that “I can do anything!!!” bumper sticker sort of confidence that isn’t followed up by preparation and work to make it so.

  1. Some of those that say they can do anything, probable to the complete opposite. There is a Bible verse that says something similar to that, though it’s meant to be followed up by preparation and work to make it happen.

    Affirmations are great and many times needed, but still need to be followed by the action relating to it.

    From experience, I know that self-confidence can grow as a person gets older. I don’t know if this growth happens with everyone, but I gained more in self-confidence as I headed towards thirty years of age. I wasn’t really thinking of reaching my full potential when I graduated from high school, I just wanted to move out of my parent’s home and make my own way in life. I did need to learn to get a wee bit of self-confidence in order to do some job hunting, but was able to get my first job within three months of graduation. After that, job hunting was a piece of cake.

    I’d like to suggest that you read through these posts, either this week or even during the Holiday break. You have some typo’s in this one and the previous one I read. Letters missing, on this blog you used ‘nest’ rather than ‘next’, that type of thing.

    I’m beginning to get a few followers other than classmates, and with your topics you could end up with many followers. So you should edit your errors. 🙂

    • Sorry about the errors I rough typed it up two night ago and I have been meaning to make those changes. I just wanted to get it posted promptly so you could see that I was doing them and attempting to not wait until the last minute. Thank you.

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