What to do With Your Life

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they think, “ What should I do with my life”. This thought normally starts to enter young adults minds at or around the time of graduation. It is a very difficult choice to make and a very hard one to get right on the first try. Nevertheless almost every high school student takes this very seriously and has the idea that the major they choose is cemented and that is what they will be doing for the rest of their lives. The truth is that the next two years after high school will be spent taking prerequisite classes. Then after that is when they actually start taking classes toward their major. Another thing that they do no realize is that everyone changes their major or focus multiple times. Sometimes you don’t make the right choice the first time.

Speaking from experience, I had high hopes about college and what I wanted to do but when I got there it was completely different than I thought. I assumed that I would begin getting into classes involved with my major right off the bat, but the fact that I had to take piles and piles of prerequisite classes prior to getting into those classes surprised me. I started taking some of these classes and had difficulty with some of them so I decide to change my major. I thought I would fall behind but what I didn’t realize is that almost every college student changes their major at one point or the other. If you finish college with the same major as you started then you are really lucky. Students that finish with the same major that they started with are few and far between. The truth is that you could change your mind ten times before you finally decide what to do. There is no problem with this all. Sometimes it takes people longer to figure out what they want to do. Myself I have changed what I am doing probably about six times. The problem comes in when you stop going to school for one reason or another. Most of the time it is for financial reasons. People think that they need to save up for school before they go. This is the worst mistake that one can make. First of all it is very hard to get back in the swing of things once your out of school for an extended period. Another part is that the money you think you are gaining by saving and not going to school is not half the money you would make if you got an education. The student loan money that you have to pay after you graduate wont matter because you will have insurance, a steady higher paycheck, and other benefits. By saving and delaying education you are also delaying a higher paycheck and advancement opportunities.

I do see the point in individuals not wanting debt at the end of their college career. It would cut down on interest payment of student loans because you would not have student loans. My response to that is that you will make up that money far quicker if you have a job based on a college education. You will also be experienced by that time and be making far more money than when you began.

The truth is that its never too late to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. Whether you are 20 or 40 you can still go to school and get an education. School may take a significant amount of time but you will have many more opportunities and be far better off. Your family will also be far better off from this. It is never too late to reevaluate what you want to do with your life.

    • Roz Weedman
    • December 12th, 2011

    And, I would add, college is always there for you. I had my 40th birthday in graduate school and it was worth the sacrifice because it provided me a lot of opportunities and a complete career change. Many people think there’s something they would love to do but actually don’t like the field when they start studying it. Discovering what you don’t want to do is every bit as valuable as discovering what you want to do. Changing majors? Better than getting stuck in an area you aren’t good at or don’t like.

  1. I don’t know if I quite agree with the college loan idea. I think it might be better to be able to work along with going to school. It will take longer to graduate, but the debt would be lower.

    Many newly graduated students don’t get a job right away in their field of study, and if there’s a bit of time between graduation and working, they still have their loan obligations to meet, unless their parents are able to help them out. If that were the case, I think their parents would be helping them out from the start.

    My daughters and myself aren’t going the loan route, so I don’t know much about it from experience. My daughters are working along with attending a somewhat full load at school. They’ve always taken about twelve credit hours.

    My older daughter took four years to get her associates, and now has only her bachelors to complete. She went in knowing what she wanted to do, has been working in her field and loves it and will be finishing college with the degree she set out to get.

    My younger daughter is in her third year and has changed twice so far and still is undecided.

    • I do agree with you that you should work while going to school. It is actually the route that I am personally taking, which is somewhat of a pain in the butt. I guess where it becomes a problem is when people delay school indefinitely with the sole purpose of working to make money for school. It can tend to be a slippery slope. I know some individuals that have gotten in the habit of saying, next semester or next fall I will go to school. I do believe that you can change your major or career choice at any time in your career but to know what you want and then delay it for an extended amount of time is more where I am leaning. Thanks for your input.

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