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Determination:Full Potential

Determination. What is it and where does it come from? To me determination is staying with something no matter how hard it gets or how many obstacles get in your way. Determination is a very important part of reaching your full potential. If someone quit when things got hard then no one would get anything accomplished. Determination is an attitude that you will not let anything get in your way. Nothing can keep you from meeting that goal or reaching your full potential.

The ability to overcome obstacles is a very hard thing to learn and is even harder to apply. When something catastrophic happens that stands in the way of achieving your goal it is very easy to quit. It takes true determination to continue to thrive in this environment. The important action to take in this circumstance to meet the roadblock head on and keep your eye on your goals. Take it one day at a time because most problems or roadblocks aren’t solved in a day. If achieving all your goals ere easy everyone would accomplish everything that they put their minds to. Determination is what sets apart the men from the boys and women from the girls.

Getting past the obstacles is only the half of it. Keeping yourself focused on your goal is the major issue. As I was saying earlier. Obstacles are overcome in just one day but goals aren’t met in one day either. Sometimes people get bored with goals or just don’t have the determination to stick with the goal. Determination can also be applied to the time commitment involved with a goal. Time is a huge obstacle. In order to achieve the goal you need to make time for it. This is very hard for a lot of people because they have other duties and responsibilities that may take precedence over the goal. If your goal is going to make you happy and prosperous than that should hold as much importance as anything else in your life. There must be a balance between responsibilities. If accomplishing your goal makes life stressful at the time but will benefit you at the end than the goal is worth the hardship.

You need to keep pressing forward and don’t allow yourself to regress. If you regress than it is twice as hard to regain that ground that was lost. One example would be dieting around the holidays. You are doing great and losing lots o weight, but then Thanksgiving hits!. You happen to have three Thanksgivings to go to over the next four days. What do you do? Well, there a few options. Pig out, sleep on the couch and watch the Lions game. Pig out and exercise to make up for it. Eat in moderation and enjoy the time with your family. The easiest choice is to pig out and sleep obviously, but when it comes to controlling eating habits it is a slippery slope. Once you start overeating it is extremely hard to go back to eating in moderation. The point is that it takes determination and a fixation on your goal not to regress or quit when you meet resistance.

Determination is a very hard attribute to describe. It is an attribute as well as and attitude or a lifestyle. Some are aggressive when it comes to accomplishing a goal while others are more passive. It takes equal amounts of determination to reach your full potential no matter who you are. It is a very long road and you need to stick with it and be determined to succeed. Determined to be the best that you can be.