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Full Potential: Intro/Motivation

Are you living your life to your full potential? Many things come into play when you think about how far you go in life and the things that you can accomplish. Money comes into mind and the status that you are born into. The most important aspects are tossed to the side and excuses like money and status are used. You know what they say about excuses…Everybody’s Got them. I feel that most aspects of potential are involved with dedication, motivation, determination, and self-confidence. There are a lot of other personal attributes that play a role in meeting your full potential but these are some important basics. Having a good foundational attitude and willingness to want to achieve goals is a good place to start. I do admit that money ties into potential somewhat, but making the correct choices and managing money ¬†and time wisely is just as important.

Motivation is a difficult thing to teach anyone. In a lot of cases you either have it or you don’t. I am the first one to admit that I have trouble finding the motivation to complete work or even get up in the morning sometimes, but somehow I always get things done. Well at least 99% of the time I do. It is perfectly okay to be lazy sometimes, but not all the time. If you ever find yourself being lazy or feel like you are not doing your best because you just don’t feel like, just think, there is someone else out there getting ahead of me while I’m being stagnant.

A big thought with motivation is “Oh I can do it later” or “Ill start my diet tomorrow” ,but the truth is now is as good a time as ever. By putting off your goals you are only making it more difficult to achieve them. If you find motivation and use every second of your day to do things to better yourself than you will find that you can active whatever goals you set. Completing goals is the best feeling in the world. When you achieve something that you have put a ton of work towards and you not only meet your goal, but thrive while doing it is indescribable. Success and hard work is addicting. Once you know you can motivate yourself and succeed than it will become a habit and expectation. ¬†Motivation is truly a foundation to productivity and reaching your full potential.

Procrastination ties a lot into motivation. If there is a deadline that is upcoming than the assignment or work is put off to the last second. This is not a good practice at all, because your work suffers and is not the same quality that it would be if you took your time. There are some people that thrive off the pressure, but there are many others that think they do well under pressure ,but would do much better if they took a systematic approach to work. Pick the important foundational aspects of the work and get them done. If you do procrastinate it will make it significantly less stressful. Stress is a productivity killer and it makes you accept subpar work that you normally wouldn’t dare think about turning in. In a way doing the foundational work beforehand makes it so you are not procrastinating and taking a more organized approach. Myself I procrastinate on a regular basis but I also take a systematic approach to it. I may wait until the last minute to do the major work but I constantly think about what I have to do and I do all of the foundational work prior to the deadline.